This site is dedicated to the  remembrance of Camp DeWitt, a camp for young men  which operated on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.  It is maintained in the hopes of providing an avenue for renewing old acquaintances and keeping friendship’s ties alive. 


     Friendship’s ties may ne’er be broken, formed at Camp DeWitt

     Summer hours bring their token, joys we’ll not forget


LAST UPDATE: October 17, 2017.   There are new contacts in the contact list


Gene Mitchell wrote some musings after a visit to the old Camp property a few years ago.  Link


Please visit the Facebook DeWitt group—, feel free to post comments/memories there.  Kindly send me your email when you try to join and let me add it to this page.



1988—Pictures provided by Frank van Ekeris

1977— Pictures Provided by Tony Bellmont

1971—Pictures from John Clader

1968—Photos Provided by David Marsh

1961-1968 - Pictures Provided by George Meredith

1950’s Photos Courtesy Craig LaForce

1940’s Photos Charlie Holbrow

Sunset Gallery

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